We put our clients' success first and want to make sure they are receiving the best care and coaching they deserve. After years of experience in the preventative care arena through personal training and manual therapy, we could see what was working well and what could stand to be more effective. We began investing in education to bridge the gap between the classic biomechanical approach to fitness and therapy, and incorporating intentional targeting of the nervous system. With functional neurology techniques we’ve been able to help clients achieve their desired outcomes and beyond for functional fitness, sport performance, therapy and rehabilitation, and overall quality of life.

Our Mission 

Helping you unlock the self you envision.

Whatever your goals are relating to health, athletic performance, or quality of life, we strive to make them attainable. Through working together and de-mystifying how the nervous system is integrated in everything we do, feel, and seek to achieve, we hope to empower you with the confidence that not only are changes possible, you have the power to make them.

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a pair of neuromuscular massage therapists and personal trainers with additional education in strength and conditioning coaching, corrective exercise, and functional neurology for performance. Specific details in education and qualifications can be found here.

Our business is in optimizing performance. Whether you are a competitive athlete, want to improve at a hobby, maintain your current health and activity level, or are currently in pain and wanting to move into a state of better performance, we want to help you reach the version of yourself you’re striving for.

What We Are Not & What We Don't Do

We are not medical doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, or chiropractors. While there may be overlap in features of our services with the above professions, we do not diagnose any conditions (we will refer you to your primary care provider if we suspect there is something going on in which further investigation is warranted), nor do we prescribe exercise protocols for specific injuries. We do not intentionally perform skeletal adjustments although occasionally they may occur due to the nature of hands-on therapies.