Meet our Team


With 20+ years in the health & fitness industry, Jeff has had the pleasure to work with hundreds of fantastic people whom he considers all to be athletes. His method utilizes a neuro-centric (brain-based) approach to training and bodywork integrating body-awareness, vision, and balance. This method incorporates myofascial and trigger point therapies, postural and movement rehabilitation, musculoskeletal strength & conditioning, and eyes & inner ear training.  

Other than exercise, Jeff enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Shawn and their rambunctious dog Mona, listening to music, hiking and nature.


Shawn is our head neuromuscular massage therapist with 5+ years of full time practice at massage studios and clinical offices helping clients with preventative care and rehabilitative bodywork. She has since broadened her scope and became certified as a personal trainer. She has found this additional  education has better rounded out her skillset in helping clients achieve their rehab and performance goals.

Her method incorporates a neuro-centric (brain-based) approach to expand on the benefits of traditional hands-on therapies with informed, intentional targeting of the nervous system to create meaningful change for clients. Her work emphasizes the importance of assessment and reassessment to develop strategic sessions and programs based on clients' goals. Her priority is to listen to clients’ needs, wants, and concerns to help them navigate the way to their ideal self.

In her free time, she enjoys being upside-down in various aerial apparatuses, dancing, weightlifting, teaching, learning, and spending time with her family.


2023- Z-Health S-Phase 

2023- Z-Health T-Phase

2023- Z-Health I-Phase

2022- Z-Health R-Phase 

2022- NASM Certified Personal Trainer Program

2020- The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist Program

2020- National Holistic Institute 450 Hour Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program

2019- National Holistic Institute 800 Hour Core Massage Therapy Program