Move confidently, efficiently & pain free!

To move well is the foundation of optimal health, fitness, and performance. It is integral in everyday tasks like family activities, work, hobbies, exercise, cooking, cleaning, relaxing and more! 

At Dynamic Movement Therapy we focus on optimizing movement for all aspects of life so you: feel confident in taking on everyday challenges, feel encouraged to pursue new things, and keep doing the things you love.

Personal Training

Functional & Performance Training

Exercise for everyday life, for sports, and for whatever adventure comes your way.

Develop body-awareness, balance and stability, endurance, and strength and power.

Train in the privacy of your own home- the gym comes to you!

Manual Therapy

Integrated Bodywork 

Bodywork for injury rehab, movement re-education, preventative care, and general maintenance.

Dynamic treatments to make the most out of your sessions.

Sessions customized to your goals, short term and long term.